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Download the ultimate collection of Lightroom presets with this insane bundle deal! These presets will make your photos look amazing and you can save over $100 today on this exclusive Creative Market deal.

This bundle includes 6 premium Lightroom products with over 100 amazing Lightroom effects.

Instagram Lightroom Presets:
Film Inspired Lightroom Presets:
Cinematic Lightroom Presets:
Premium Looks Lightroom Presets (Vol. 1):
Premium Looks Lightroom Presets (Vol. 2):
LR Toolkit Master Kit:

Why Color Grade Your Photos?

Simply put, colors can influence the emotions perceived from your photos. For example, a film emulation effect can give you a sentimental feeling for the past. Because of this, they’re used frequently in wedding photography. Learn more about how color grading manipulates our emotions here:

Whether you’re looking for something nostalgic or futuristic, you’ll definitely find the perfect effect in this massive bundle of Lightroom presets.

Fully Compatible with LR Toolkit:

You can easily manipulate the look of any color grading preset with LR Toolkit (included in bundle).

Make any Lightroom preset look ‘HDR’
Fade the tones for a customized matte look
Boost the colors in the Reds/Greens/Blues
Add a tungsten night film effect to any Lightroom preset
and more!

For the Professionals:

Follows Adobe Lightroom’s best practices
Fully compatible with LR Toolkit
Adjustable color gradings in 5 variations from light to strong
Four-channel tone curves for easier editing
Small filesize means faster startup times
Color gradings do not affect your basic exposure and white balance settings
Consistent color quality between RAW and JPEG images

Easy Installation

Simply copy the folders into your Lightroom Develop Presets folder and you’re ready to go!


Adobe Lightroom 5
Adobe Lightroom 6
Adobe Lightroom CC

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$140+ of the best Lightroom presets